SMA: Past Presentations

SMA October 10, 2014 Meeting - Candidate Sourcing Secrets

Link to speaker's PPT:


SMA Annual Spring Conference 5/3/2013

You're Not That Great - Dr. Daniel Crosby

Miners Guide to Quality of Hire in the Era of Big Data - Joseph Murphy


SMA Annual Conference 5/18/2012

Hiring for Attitude - Mark Murphy, CEO, Leadership IQ


SMA Annual Conference 5/13/2011

Evolution of Recruiting

      Kenyon Mau - Founder and President, Human Capital Advisors

Social Media Secrets Revealed

      Deb Andrychuk - VP Media & Strategy, The Arland Group

Legal Lately

      Seth Briskin - Partner, Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis


SMA Meeting 10/8/2010


SMA Conference - Fit into the Future (May 2010)

Get Your Organization and You in Better Strategic Shape!

PPT: Process Revitalization by Julie Maurer, Director of Talent Acquisition at Rosetta

SMA Meeting 5/8/09

SMA Meeting 5/25/08 - From Interested Candidate to Engaged Employee

SMA Meeting 2/8/08 - Career Pathing - Development for Recruiters

EMA Meeting 11/9/07

EMA Meeting 2/24/06

EMA Meeting 2/24/06

EMA Meeting 1/27/06

EMA Meeting 11/11/05

EMA Meeting 11/11/05