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CSHRM Foundation Mission:

The Cleveland SHRM Foundation aims to advance the voice of the most imperative part of economic development within the Greater Cleveland area – the men and women responsible for finding, training, retaining and advancing the people issues that makeup organizations.  Human Resources is about PEOPLE.  It is about finding the right people for the right role at the right time, and creating an opportunity for mutually beneficial growth and development.

Human Resources is about SUCCESS.  It is about the success of the individual.  It is about the success of the various teams.  It is about the success of the organizations.  It is about the success of clients and suppliers.  It is about the success of the community.  It is about the success of Greater Cleveland.  It is about the success of the present and of the future!  It is about the success of you!

CSHRM Foundation looks to help advance the imperative voice of HR in the story of the success of our COMMUNITY.  This is achieved through three fundamental operating principles:

1.     Develop and Empower Human Resources professionals through academic and continuing education certification scholarships so that they gain and advance professional skills necessary to achieve PEOPLE SUCCESS.

2.     Identify, support, and participate with other community non-profits doing the important work of advancing PEOPLE SUCCESS.  This should include not only fundraising, but providing the Human Resources experience expertise around educational and skill development needs, work opportunities and diversity to name a few.

3.     Advance the voice of Human Resources in the narrative of their own employer organizations.  Help to demonstrate the direct results of organizational success because of PEOPLE SUCCESS.  And work to continue the narrative of the circle of development.

By working together with current and future Human Resources professionals Cleveland SHRM Foundation will advance the focus of the PEOPLE SUCCESS needs throughout the community thereby providing direct impact to the ongoing success of the organizations that makeup our community, and providing a voice for the continued PEOPLE SUCCESS necessary to sustained community advancement.

Over the past several years, Cleveland SHRM Foundation (CSHRMF) fundraising efforts have raised over $130,000 for area non-profits, including March of Dimes, Prayers from Maria, Hospice of the Western Reserve, Shoes and Clothes for Kids, The Gathering Place, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Association of Northeast Ohio, Seeds of Literacy and Towards Employment to name a few. CSHRMF events and efforts have been recognized and nominated for awards, such as CBC Magazine’s Connectors Choice Awards Best Corporate Golf Outing in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

To learn more about our initiatives or apply:
Cleveland SHRM Foundation Non-Profit Partner Application
Cleveland SHRM Foundation Academic Scholarship Application

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Vice President
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Vice President, Finance
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