SMA: Past Presentations
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2015-2016 Program Year



a. Know Yourself, presenter Ron Bower

b. Know your Client, Presenters Mary Vale, Blake Babcock, and Julie Maurer

c. Know your Potential, presenters Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SMA Conference - Ethan Wall PDF (16.83 MB) Administration 5/24/2016
SMA Conference - Matt Grove PDF (3.87 MB)  more ] Administration 5/23/2016
2015-01-23 Hot Topics in Employment Law Webinar PPTX (3.04 MB) Administration 2/11/2015
2014-10-10 Candidate Sourcing Secrets PDF (2.84 MB) Administration 2/11/2015
2013-05-03 Miners Guide to Quality Hire PDF (2.67 MB)  more ] Administration 2/11/2015